About the Course

Object-oriented programming is possible with Python, a computer language which is gaining traction and carving a niche for itself in the high-performance computing space.

In 2014, Python was found to be the most popular language for teaching computer science courses to beginners at leading US colleges. Almost eight out of ten Computer Science departments and 27 of the top 39 were found to be teaching Python at the introductory level.

Owing to the fact that it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, Python has been gaining popularity and has the potential to become the programming language of choice for both individuals and enterprises going forward. Today, a large number of organizations are migrating and transitioning to Python. Google, for instance, has scores of engineers who are using Python and the company is constantly looking for people with skills in the language. Considering its rapid proliferation there is a great need for training that equips students with Python skills, especially in India. Python training courses will acquaint the country’s students with this simple language. Such Python training courses will also help India’s young people to improve their employability quotient and job worthiness in the market.

Recognizing the growth of Python, NIIT has introduced the ‘Programming Using Python’ course which has been structured in a way that even a student with no programming knowledge can easily pick up the language.

Therefore learn Python programming at NIIT and equip yourselves with skills that make you a preferred resource for hirers.

Why Python is Popular?

Python is:

Easy to learn

Easy to program in

Capable of creating apps that can handle heavy traffic without problems

Useful for developers who can add more features in an app quickly and easily

Useful for companies as it helps cut development costs

Useful for organizations as it enables them to reach everyone—whether to build a simple repeatable workflow or conduct a GIS analysis

Module & Details

The program is well tuned to the needs of students who are acquainted with Java or C# and are keen to learn another open source language. Students opting for this course will:

Learn to build the logic and write programs in Python using variables, operators, etc.

Be able to develop a program block using functions, to store data to file, dictionaries etc.

Know how to construct networked programs using web services and databases

Be able to identify basic building blocks of a programming language

Become proficient at handling files

Know how to store and manipulate data using the dictionary and tuples