Azure is an accumulation of cloud computing services which is developed by Microsoft and it is also commonly known as Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has been developed so that IT professionals could conduct the process of building, testing, deploying as well as managing applications through our global network of data centers. This service has been simplified the work of professionals, as professionals can assemble and post by using the tools and applications of their choices from wherever they want as well as they provide various platforms that is software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which supports various programming language, framework, and tools which includes Microsoft specific software and systems as well as third-party software and systems.

October 2008 Microsoft Azure has been developed with a code name “Project Red Dog” and after releasing on 10th February 2010 it is named as “Windows Azure” and now it is renamed as “Microsoft Azure” as on 25th March 2014. We at UFK Learning offer this course, so students who want to bright their future should go for this course. In this course, students can go for Computer Services, Mobile Services, Storage Services, Data Management, Media Services, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Developer, Management, Machine Learning, IoT etc. This course is divided into 13 modules listed below and various lessons which are going to be explained by experts.

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